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We currently offer three programs targeted at high school juniors and seniors.

Program 1


We provide short demonstrations, at your school, of fun ways to use computer and data science. Our demos are not meant to teach but are instead meant to inspire students and show them the possibilities. Examples of our demos include using Python and Tableau to analyze your Instagram followers and fantasy football players. We also provide guidebooks to help students understand specific paths they can take to learn more.

Computer Class

Program 2
Training Programs

Selected students will have the opportunity to learn and work with computer and data science projects managed by Scholar Innovations. This program also incorporates support for the student's academic work so they can stay on track to graduate. They will be challenged, but still allowed to work at a pace that works for them. The training program does not pay an hourly wage, but students will have the opportunity to receive money.

Program 3

School Analytics

We can help your school use student data to monitor student progress and identify ways to benefit your students. Our goal is not to overload you with analytics but instead to help you utilize your data for the initiatives that are most important to your school.

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